Adventure 1: Waterfun in Aguopolis Torrevieja

Adventure 2: Discover la Cueva del Puerto


Cañon de Almadenas in Calasparra


The first booker receives a discount of € 15% The second booker receives a discount of 10% 

The Almadenes Canyon is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Region of Murcia. The Segura river, as it passes through Calasparra, describes this impressive riverside forest gorge with walls up to 150 meters high, so navigating through it becomes an unforgettable experience.

The Cueva del Puerto is considered a worldexample of a hypogenic cavity. All its speleothems, rooms and galleries have been formed thanks to erosive processes generated by hot springs..

Combination of activities aimed at spending a day in nature and getting to know two of the most spectacular corners of Calasparra, the Almadenes Canyon and the Cueva del Puerto. The difficulty of the activities is low, so they can be done by all kinds of people, regardless of age or physical condition. Includes a visit to the Luminescent Mineral Room


General (12-64 years): €31/person
Children and pensioners: €25/person
Children under 4 years: free


Calasparra is a 1,25 hour (110 km) from San Pedro del Pinatar. Halfway we will have a short stop at a patrolstation.

We can organize this custommade trip for you but you have to be a little bit flexible with the date because we make this trip in cooperation with several other parties. So it can take 3-5 working days before we can give you a proposal. You can fill in the informationform and we will response as soon as possible.

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